Ipswich Central State School had a serious problem with the floor in their amenities block near the Prep classrooms. The substrate beneath the vinyl was found to be extensively deformed and cracked. A significant amount of moisture was present along the edges of the floor and between the substrate layer and base slab below. Fixtures and wall cladding within the Toilet Block also appeared to have been affected or damaged in some locations.

Rectification involved:
– Complete removal of the vinyl finish and topping slabs throughout each Prep Building Toilet Block
– Minor repairs to the perimeter walls where water damage has occurred
– Preparation of the base slab for application of an appropriate topping slab (also removed fixtures as required to allow correct application of topping to form appropriate falls)
– Application of an appropriate topping slab according to the manufacturer’s specification to form appropriate falls to floor waste drains and outlets.
– An epoxy floor covering was then applied

Floor after rectification works complete